Day 10 Darling to Cape Town – Greenpoint Stadium

Day 15 Harry Uilkraal Farm to Seapoint 98km

Last day and ride of the Kathu to Kaapstad Adventure

Early morning start from “Tannie Evita’s” town of Darling and a  fairly fresh wind, which kept me awake for big part of the night. Loading the Kruzer and getting ready for the last leg of about 90 kilometers to Cape Town, I got some funny looks from the locals making their way to work in the Darling Metropolis and surrounds. 


Darling main street

20170306_163919Not far out of town and the 12km climb to Mamre, into the much stronger wind started, but, as I have said before, I have not found a hill or mountain that I cannot walk to the top.20170309_08181020170309_082224Going down the hill towards Mamre, to keep the speed above 20kph, I had to pedal hard and consistently. Mamre is a small place, if you blink twice, you’ll miss it. Turned right towards the coast and now had the full force of the wind on my back, and that was good, like after Smitswinkel on the Argus, a real speed demon and highest speed of the day. Got my first glimpse of a cloud covered Table Mountain, way off in the distance, as I crested the last hill before the West Coast road.20170309_104700Onto the West Coast road, traffic and full on into a much stronger wind now, I would say consistent at between 30kph to 35kph, gusting up to 45kph, working hard to keep moving and stay on the road surface as I was blown off the road 3 times. One by one the kms ticked down and Blouberg Strand was my stop for lunch and drinks, a welcome respite from the constant wind trying to push me back to Langebaan. A huge hamburger, washed down with a double chocolate milkshake, gave me the energy to tackle the last part into the city, via Paarden Eiland and the traffic.20170309_113405The last part into Cape Town Town was hectic, wind, traffic and navigating as the cycle lanes are completely ignored by the drivers, either parking in them, driving halfway into them and stopping/blocking them when crossing streets with complete disregard to the cyclists.20170309_115613Made it safely to Green Point Stadium, after stopping at the Castle of Good Hope, collected my number for the Cape Town Argus Cycle Tour and that was it, my Kalahari adventure done and dusted.20170309_140258Day 16 CPT Castle to Seapoint 6kmI had one final slow ride back into Cape Town to collect a rental car and transport. Suddenly my Kalahari/Bushmanland Safari adventure by bicycle was over, sitting in Seapoint watching the sun set, waiting for the traffic to dissipate before driving to Fish Hoek, home for the next couple of days and Argus.20170309_190857Thank you to all for your messages of encouragement and sharing the ride with your comments.

“Go fast enough to get there,

but slow enough to see where you are going.”

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