Day 09 Velddrif to Uilenkraal farm – Darling District

Did not happen!Day 12 Velddrif to Tietiesbaai 46kmDay 13 Tietiesbaai to Yzterfontein 99kmOne thing I have learnt on this adventure, make plans and use them as a guideline, be prepared to change them and be flexible. What you plan and what happens in reality are 2 different things. Sunset at Velddrif makes one appreciate life and it’s offerings so much more.Next leg would have been to Paternoster and camp at Tietiesbaai, but, local information and advice, that it is not safe and a number of unwanted persons will relieve you of your belongings, made me change plans, skip that part of the ride and head towards Uilkraal farm via Hopefield. Leaving Velddrif  on a clear West Coast morning.Windy ride, again but good views eventualy brings you to the metropolis of Hopefield.

Town very busy as the church is having a fete and people from all round the town attending and having fun. Passed by the huge wind powered generators,turned onto the gravel road towards the farm, nasty surprise, conditions similar to the “Toll Road”, some places even worse. Three times I had to get off and walk through the deep sand, couple of near falls, but managed to get through and with tired, heavy legs made it to the farm and a couple of rest days with sight seeing by car of the places I missed due to safety concerns.One more ride “down” the West Coast road and I will be in the Mother City, or, so called civilization.20170306_120123Moertoegepomp and me nearly “Moertoegetrap”

Rest days on Uilenskraal Farm.

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