Day 07 Doringbaai to Lambert’s Bay 

What would have been Day 10 of riding, now Day 07 and a much shorter ride.Day 10 Chris and Charlene to Muisbosskerm 94kmAfter a good rest and catch-up time with dear friends Chris and Charlene,the adventure continued with them warning about my intended route, regarding road surface and heavy trucks. We loaded the Kruzer and bags on the bakkie and made our way to Doringbaai, where the ride started. As I was assembling the Kruzer on the “Toll Road”, next to the Sishen Saldanha Railway line, a 3km long train, hauling iron ore from Sishen to Saldanha came past, empty, on its way back to Sishen.We said our goodbyes and I made my way towards Lambert’s Bay on the “Toll Road” next to the railway line, one one of the worst riding surfaces ever. One day, I might go back to collect my fillings, kidney stones and whatever else I might have dropped. I had to stop and tighten the quick release on both the front and back wheel, check everything else that was vibrating and shuddering loose and coming undone.By now the early morning mist lifted and the Atlantic ocean made brief appearances, cool sea air and the constant rumbling of the waves pounding the beach in the background. What I anticipated as a long day turned into a 34km ride and into Lambert’s Bay.I stayed with Hana van Zyl for the night with a view of the railway line and vlei with loads of birds. I had an exploratory ride of the sleepy village, to late for lunch and to early for dinner at Muisbosskerm, 5km out of town, but enjoyed the views on a misty afternoon of the West Coast.Sunset at the harbour after a good day along the coast, heading South.

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