Day 06 Loeriesfontein to Vanrhynsdorp 

Planned routes and distances changes on a daily basis and whilst on the road. What you think is going to happen and what really happens, two different things, like being loaded on a bakkie 40km from Loeriesfontein and taken to town.Day 08 Farm to Kokerboomwoud 80kmDay 09 Kokerboomwoud to Chris and Charlene 71kmEarly morning in Loeriesfontein, overcast, a fairly strong Westerly wind and I’m on my way to Vanrhynsdorp via “Nieuwoudt ville”, on all the road signs, the “s” have been removed. Slight  climb out of town on a good riding surface and then into the many climbs and very few, slight downs on the roads between rural towns. Hardly any small traffic, but quite a few big trucks hauling stuff towards the windfarm being built. Veld very dry with no trees or grass in sight, small shrubs and some Quiver trees along the way.Stopped a couple of times along the way, taking photos of the scenery and Quiver trees and inspecting the road kill. I saw 4 Cape Bat Eared foxes and some other unidentifiable species that did not survive either crossing the road, or eating insects on the road and then hit by a vehicle.I reached the Gannabos Quiver Tree Reserve and spent about an hour amongst time and patience, looking at the wonder of how and where these wondrous plants survive.The wind picked up in intensity and have become a factor, making it more difficult up the hills and the pass. Eventually, 4km from Nieuwoudt ville, I could use my phone and let the people know where I am. I did not go into town and headed towards Vanrhyn’s pass, another one of legendary pass builder, Thomas Baines’s majestic works. At the top of the pass and escarpment, the full force of the strong, hot Westerly wind hit you, as one look from the plato down into the flat desolate Namaqua plains and beyond, towards the Atlantic ocean.Good run down the curving, twisting 8km Vanrhyns Pass road and then the hard, difficult slog, up and down and into the hot strong wind started in all earnest, with a vision of milkshake and pancakes at the road stall some kilometers away. Arriving at the road stall a major disappointment as it has closed down, saddle up, head down and carry on, arriving at my destination Clear Water Oasis, late afternoon after a very hard 114km and a long day in the saddle. Thank you Chris and Charlene Bessinger, for a great stay at your Oasis.

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