Day 05 Brandvlei to Loeriesfontein

Day 07 Brandvlei to Farm 86kmNot knowing the availability of water and food, I stocked up on supplies and headed out from Brandvlei to Loeriesfontein on a good rideable gravel road. Veld not in a good condition due to the drought in this part of South Africa. The morning quickly got warmer and hotter and the sun was beating down. Time to stop for drink and snack, but the only shade around is me and my bike. Lunchtime and like a mirage, suddenly a farm house and a bit further the outbuildings, not a person in sight, but I found a shady spot and break from the 40c temp, got comfy and enjoyed my lunch and drinks. Undulating road all the way and as mentioned, nowhere to hide from the sun and heat. My intention was to do about 80km and find a spot to sleep and still working on this, in deep thought I did not notice or hear a bakkie approaching, until he pulled up next to me and started talking. Loeriesfontein was 40km further and I was offered a ride into town and a comfy bed, which I graciously accepted. Arriving in town, I unpacked, showered and did a tour of the town, visiting the Windmill museum and talking to the people about the wind farm for electricity generation, being erected near them and the impact and change it has on a small rural town when big money comes to town.Another good day in South Africa, far away from the big city hustle and bustle.

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