Day 04 Kalahari to Bushmanland, or Koegrabie Farm to Brandvlei – 137km

Day 04 Groblershoop to Rooiloop Leegte Plaas 71kmDay 05 Rooiloop Leegte Plaas to Farm 95kmDay 06 Farm to Brandvlei 85km20170222_073350Route changes, being “Farm Jacked”, my initial route planning changed drastically and started the ride from Kenhardt to Brandvlei. Farm life in the Kalahari starts before sunrise, enabling them to get the work done before it gets to hot. By 06h30 I was on my way, as promised by Stephen and CP, to Kenhardt with a neighbour speeding along the Kalahari gravel highway, past farmsteads and a stop at the famous “Putsonderwater”.Yes, the place does exist, unfortunately falling apart now, but it used to be a major connecting point and water station for the steam locomotives.I started day 04, about 10km outside Kenhardt, at the Quiver tree forest. Unfortunately and for what reason I do not know, but, it was locked and I could not walk amongst the beautiful Quiver trees and had to do long distance photography.Change in terrain from Kalahari to Bushmanland, from hills, mountains and dunes to flat wide open spaces wit huge big black boulders and rocks forming hills and outcrops.The weather and wind was kind to me and I kept going to Brandvlei, arriving at 16h00 in the town. Not much happening, 4 bottle stores, a money lender, hotel being renovated, small shops, a church and that’s about it.Had a good night’s rest, although the take away mosquitos carries one outside for a meal. Poverty and lack of progress are truly killing the small towns of South Africa, everybody ask for money and some tells you “Give me money”.

Mr. Zuma, where is your promised jobs, when last have you been to a truly rural little town, dying a slow death?

What a country.

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