Day 03 Platvlei/Tar Road to Groblershoop

Day 03 Witsand Reserve to Groblershoop 67kmWoke to the sound of farm life,  quickly finished packing my bags and joined Sybrand and Lenie for breakfast and was told that the road is to bad for me to ride on the Kruzer, or, even attempt to ride it. Sybrand will take me to the tar road, where I can cycle from and make my way to Groblershoop. It was so easy riding on the tar after 2 days of mud, sand and big pools of water. Hooked up to the mighty Orange river making its way to Upington and beyond, with lots of vineyards all the way to town. Arrived in town and stopped at the one and only garage, asked Andre the owner about accommodation and not long, I was directed to Leopard Tree guest house. I decided to go to the police and ask information about my intended route, but could not get any. I made my way to the Agri-Farmers Co-Op, if anyone would know, the farmers would. Asked and met CP, discussed my route and was told that I will be staying at his farm and it was closer than the planned route. I then got “Farm Jacked” and stayed an extra day. Again I met wonderful people and enjoyed my time on a huge game farm.

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