Day 01 Olifantshoek towards Witsand Reserve

Day 01 Kathu to Farm 66kmStarted on the gravel road to Witsand reserve and initially the going was very good, then the waterholes and some mud started. I crossed the Sishen to Saldanha railway line, knowing that it will be many kilometers before we meet againHad  a minor fall after slipping and sliding in the mud that was around a water hole spread across the whole road and had to do some adjustments on the front derailleur whilst watching storm clouds building.By 13h00 a major storm was approaching, thunder, lightning and nowhere to hide. Rain clothes and covering came out and I continued by trying to ride, walking, slipping and sliding in this major downpour of rain,icould see dry roads turning into rivers. I don’t know after how many kilometers, but at 16h30 there was a farmhouse, made my way in and asked to stay for the night and shelter from the rain and storm.  Got shown to the garage, put the tent up and into dry clothes. Shared my humble accommodation with 3 mangy dogs and a horse with, rain and wind continuing well into the night. By 19h00 I was asleep.

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