Day 00 – Johannesburg to Kathu

18 February

Saturday dawned overcast and a strong wind, Freda and I made our way to Park Station and managed to get the bike and baggage box to the departure point through the controlled chaos in and around the building. The bus arrived and left about an hour late and being weekend it was a fast get away out of town. Unfortunately I had another 30 minute delay due to road works on the South side of Soweto, but after that no problems. It has been an interesting ride on the bus and seeing the country side from a different perspective. The strong wind and overcast conditions has been constant all the way, but the excellent condition of the veld after good rains, displayed it all their beauty. About 15km outside Vryburg the skies got darker and we had some drizzle. My more than gracious host for the night in Kathu, Pieta Hattingh and his family advised that the heavy load equipment have been organised in anticipation of my arrival. Bike and baggage box weighed in at 58,3kg, somewhat heavier than what I wanted, but food and snacks, as well as everything needed for the next 3 weeks on the road all added up. After arriving in Kathu I have to assemble the Kruzer for my start of the ride at about 09h00. Hopefully it has not been damaged during transit. Arrived safely, transport to overnight stay ready and waiting and within minutes on a tour of the town on the way home. Unpacked,  assembled bike and enjoyed  a great evening with Pieta, Amanda and their family, discussing the intended route and previous rides. Before finally settling down for the night I unpacked box 2,  packed the panniers and bags, ready for the ride.

That’s it for now, until next time when communication is possible.

One thought on “Day 00 – Johannesburg to Kathu

  1. Hey Barry

    Ride safe looking forward to the words and pictures, soak it all up and fill your days with fantastic memories.



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