Day 21 Steytlerville to Willowmore

After a bigger than normal breakfast at the Karoo Theatrical Hotel, started the ride crossing the old steel bridge and through the very clean and well kept town. Again, as for the rest of the ride, a climb out of town, but with a difference, this climb ended in Willomore and a strong headwind all the way. Lots of Springbok, the 4 legged version along the way, as well as Angora Goats and sheep. Saw 2 Kudus running away into the veld, as well as all the other animals, the rumbling/humming of the bicycle tyres must be annoying and strange to them. At about 50km the tar road give way to a single width cement road all the way to Willomore. Some idiots driving at very high speed and not really giving way as per the numerous signs along the way. Road condition not bad and some deteriorating patches of the cement surface. It was a hard, long ride with not a lot on the scenery side of the veld but always framed by mountain ranges. Distance for the day 89,43km, riding time 04h34 at an average speed of 19,6kph


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