Day 20 – Jansenville Farm to Steytlerville

Got up to a spectacular sunrise, packed, loaded the car, lubed the bike, thanked our host Allan Froneman for having a rest day and place to stay and got underway to Steytlerville. Again the Karoo surprised me with it’s silent beauty and harsh environment. Trees, 1 to 2 meters tall, twisted and bent by the wind and weather, Kudu skeleton with the one leg still twisted into the wire fence,


meerkat families curiously looking at the bicycle humming past, sheep running away as the music angel blares opera into the silent Karoo, broken windmills and deserted houses.



Aloes with their bright orange flowers, feeding humming birds against a backdrop of a majestic mountain range, rocks bent and twisted by the forces of nature many years ago when our earth was formed. Suddenly, in this dry dusty semi desert, after riding through hundreds of dry riverbeds, a mid calf deep crossing with ice cold, crystal clear water, to again surprise and make you appreciate the Karoo. Turned at the Baroe road railway crossing and onto the tar road towards Steytlerville and not long into the Waaipoort Pass with the road passing through massive rocks and cuttings, again showing the incredible forces of nature pushing these mountains out of the earths core.


Words fail me in attempting to describe the beauty and wonder of nature in this part of our country. Not long and another poort on the outskirts of Steytlerville and on the rocks next to the road, flags dating back to 1652, of all the countries and powers who ruled in South Africa. Steytlerville is one of the cleanest and best looking towns of the ride and well kept houses and businesses along the road leading through town.


Eugene and Susan from Ermelo surprised us by sponsoring our sleepover at the Karoo Theatrical hotel in Steytlerville, and a huge big thank you to these wonderful people for their generosity and very special treat. They also recommended the coffee shop and car museum which we visited and met a 6 week old orphan kudu called Katie and the permanent resident Batear fox. Dinner at the Royal hotel, delicious Lamb curry stew and Malva pudding with custard closed another awesome day in the Karoo.


Distance for today 73.41km, time 03h33, avg speed 20.7kph. Number of photos taken, 250. Tomorrow to Willomore, then Uniondale and Knysna.

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