Day 19 Ebenezer Farm to Jansenville

Had a great evening on the farm, staying in the Stone Cottage and after a short walkabout on the farm, it was back on the road in cold, to cool and overcast conditions, temperature starting at 8c and the highest was 15c. Gravel road conditions not to bad and initially I could maintain a decent pace until the uphills started, not to steep, varying between 3 and 6%, but the wind started picking up, adding to the climb difficulty and slightly stiff and lazy legs after the previous days ride. It was great to see lots of game, from Kudus to Dassies along the road. Unfortunately some of the people using the road drive like absolute maniacs and at breakneck speed, I counted 5 road kills, Batear Fox, rabbit, dassie and other unrecognisable species. I don’t easily get a fright, but one idiot in particular came past me at a very high speed, I would estimate in the region of 140kph on a dirt road. I did not hear, or notice him approaching from behind until he zoomed past me, that was my scariest moment up to now, as in general, all the other road users have been very courteous. Veld in a good condition and animals shy and skittish and would run and hide when approaching, wonder if the opening of hunting season the coming weekend could be a contributing factor. Joined up with the tar road towards Jansenville for the last couple of kilometers, bought supplies and waited for an ex colleague, Allan Froneman to lead us to his farm, situated about 22km into the Karoo veld towards Steytlerville, the next destination on the ride. Tomorrow will be a rest day before heading out to Steytlerville and beyond. Farm a quiet and peaceful place for a rest day to catch up with the washing of dirty clothes, service the bike, check the car, repack the car and bags for the last couple of days through the Karoo and on to the coast. Managed to take photographs of the Karoo night sky at Ebenezer and on the farm, will only be able to see the full results once I have downloaded them to the computer as the small view screen on the camera does not allow for the view.





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