Day 16 – Aliwal North to Molteno via Burgersdorp

Had a good rest in Aliwal North and started the ride with the intention to ride to Burgersdorp. Cool to cold with the starting temp at 7c and not getting above 18c. Very good road all the way to Burgersdorp with hardly any traffic on the road. Farmers in their bakkies heading towards Aliwal dressed in their Sunday best, going to church.


Open veld and many kilometers of peace and quiet with only farm animals curiously looking at me passing. Hopefully there will be a starting point where I do not have to start the days ride with a climb out of town. Going towards Burgersdorp it was a continual climb with the wind varying from the nose to the right shoulder and fairly strong. About 9km out of Aliwal I noticed that Strava is not recording, but fortunately good old Garmin was on duty. Reached Burgersdorp and tried to find accommodation, rude awakening with the prices and decided to continue on to Molteno. Burgersdorp central very clean and streets well marked and painted, but heading out south, a complete different side.



The road towards Molteno very bad, no shoulder, hardly any markings and many potholes. Stopped for lunch consisting of Sardines and crackers, Coke and Chocolate milk and started the rest of the ride to Molteno.


At last as we turned towards Molteno and the wind started assisting allowing a good speed and cadence to be maintained. Again, open veld and kilometers of nothing but silence, peace, silence and freedom. Arrived in Molteno and managed to get accommodation at Olive’s Cottage, unpacked the car and now relaxing in front of a roaring fire.


Unfortunately I now have a broken bicycle frame as it is badly cracked at the seat post and I don’t think rideable, or safe.


Will check out the setup on George’s bike and take it from there for tomorrow and the rest of the ride. Good ride today, 124km, avg speed 22.8kph and riding time 05h26, avg. heart rate 113bpm and Cadence 65pm.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Aliwal North to Molteno via Burgersdorp

  1. Hello Barry & George, I’ve been offline for a few days and have now caught up again. So that was a rumor about the Free State being so flat. How different are people from town to town and what about the prices??
    Sorry to hear about your Bike frame cracking- nooit gedink jy’s so dik Oh die lekker lewe!!!!
    Seriously, I hope that all gets sorted with George’s bike and that you can continue your epic ride.
    Be Safe
    Robbie & Lunch


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