Day 15 – Rouxville to Aliwal North and into the Eastern Cape

After  good night’s rest it was a slow start to an easy rest day ride of 36km. Started with the temperature at 10c and it slowly worked up to a balmy 10c and the wind today assisting. Excellent road with a wide shoulder and light traffic. Mixed scenery and some hills and a changing veld again with mixed grassland and some Karoo popping up every now and then. Crossed the Orange river into the Eastern Cape on a beautiful steel bridge built between 1935 and 1937 and into the city of Aliwal North, experiencing traffic for the first time in a week after moving through small towns along the way. Tomorrow it’s on to Burgersdorp, about 65km south west of Aliwal. Today’s ride short and easy, 36.07km, avg speed 24.9kph and riding time 01h26m.


Crossing the Orange River


Province number 5, the Eastern Cape




Freestate veld in winter

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