Day 13 – Ladybrand to Wepener via Hobhouse

Started climbing outside Ladybrand and stopped climbing as we entered Wepener, wind either on the nose, or on the shoulder at 20kph, gusting to 30kph. Not to wild with traffic but the road in a terrible condition. Many farms along the way and farmers harvesting. It was not an easy ride today, but needed to be done to adapt to the route and schedule. Two persons on horseback driving about 30 Basuto ponies to somwhere made some interesting traffic conditions. Ladybrand not a bad little town, managed to get a  shop, electronics and cell phones upfront and kitchen at the back, where a Pakistani gave us a delicious meal for 2 for the royal sum of R80.00, including 2 rottis which he made while we were waiting. Managed to get a glass cover and back cover for my en route phone upgrade.






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