Day 09 – Volksrust to Memel

After a great meal, many laughs and recalling the past with Cor, electric blankets, heater and washing done, Saturday morning dawned with mist in the low lying areas of Wakkerstroom, packed the car and headed towards Volksrust. In Volksrust we stopped at a Cell phone hole in the wall, tried to revive the phone, no luck. Went to a Vodafone store, no joy, phoned Newcastle regarding upgrading and changing phone, no go. Bought supplies, filled car with petrol and made our way out of town towards Memel on the Vrede road. Packed and loaded the Kruzer and started riding at 10h50, conditions cool to cold, overcast and wind picking up. Undulating road with some long and hard climbs. Made the turn onto the gravel road and it turned into a bone shaking, teeth rattling 40km slog. A hard and difficult ride, 6km outside Memel, we had to stop and wait as 2 very serious and intimidating thunderstorms ran through Memel and the road towards it. The temperature dropped from 21c to 10c and a cold wind racing over the hills from the South. Memel consists of a place full of nothing, no B&B or place to rest and we headed away from there. Many hours later we finally got a bed in Harrismith after trying Kestell, what a place, if you can avoid it, that’s the way to go, unfriendly, unhelpfull, stay away.
On the way between Volksrust and the Memel turn off, we came across a dead Jackal hanging on the top strand of the barbeb wire fence, we do not know if it was strung up there, or, if it tried to jump the fence and entangled itself. Nice farms, from maze to game on the way to Memel.


Day of the Jackal


Wild horses


Storm running towards Memel


Between Volksrust and Memel

2 thoughts on “Day 09 – Volksrust to Memel

  1. Hello Barry and George. Some hard riding done but nice to meet up with Pierre and Cor as well. They both look well. Retired life is good to us although Pierre is working, I see. I wonder if you heard the news about Adolf Ellis. He passed away on Saturday. very sad. He was only on pension from September.
    Otherwise all well here in PE.
    Ride safely. Looking forward to your next Blogg.
    All the Best
    Robbie and Lunch.


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