Day 7 – Carolina to Ermelo via Chrissiesmeer

Had a days rest by driving from Dullstroom to Carolina. Started looking for a place to sleep and at the 2nd place, Carolina Guesthouse and B&B, we met Hanna, who invited us to stay for the night at het cost. Managed to catch up on some administration at the local computer shop and in the process stumbled into the local newspapers office, had a short interview as to the reason for our ride and was passed onto the Ermelo Insight newspaper, for the next interview. Most of the mines are having labour unrest and strikes, with loads of security in town. Started the days ride just before 08h00 and was warned not to use the Breyten road due to traffic, so, via Chrissiesmeer we went. Nice quiet road and beautiful scenery. On the way to Ermelo, about 10km to go, I met up with Susan and her son Ruaan cycling on fatbikes for their morning ride. Had a very nice ride with them into town and Susan invited us to stay the night in their beautiful spacious home, which we thankfully accepted. Tomorrow it’s about 100km to Volksrust, hoping the weather hold as it’s snowing on the Drakensberg.


On the way out of Carolina




Start of the mighty Vaal river.


It’s along and climbing road……


Barry, Susan and Ruaan entering Ermelo

Arriving in Ermelo and looking forward to a good rest, very thankful for a hot shower, warm bed and roof over our heads. Thank you Eugene, Susan and family for inviting us, and giving us a safe and comfortable rest.

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