Day 05 – Lydenburg to Dullstroom

Started from Lydenburg this morning, not as cold as I expected. The climbing started about 1 kilometer outside the town and lasted for the next 40km. Fortunately the wind was on my back for at least half the way making it somewhat easier. It took me 03h00 for the 55km, climbing 1039 meters. The road condition is extremely bad as the Mpumalaga province think it is cheaper to place road signs for potholes. Winter is setting in and the veld turning into the brown coat of winter. George having major problems with his knees, now affecting his hip and has decided to call it day. He will now take over the supporting driver role on the journey South. Much colder here in Dullstroom, wind and clouds giving it a real winter feeling. Time for a huge big Cinnamon pancake and a magumpa big coffee. Did some much needed washing of clothes and car, going to regroup and pack, getting ready for the extra cold part of the North to South ride, heading into the colder areas.






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