Day 02 – Popallin to “The Big Tree”

Got woken by the baboon neighbours across the river and started the day, broke camp, packed the car and started the ride for the day. On the agenda was a visit to “The Big Tree”, one of the oldest and biggest Boabab trees. Google the Big Tree and get the info, what I will mention is that it is estimated to be 3,000 years old. It is a magical, mystical tree and place, I got goosebumps, and my skin went white and brown, similar to the tree and I got very emotional and had to wipe a couple of tears. I feel privileged and honoured to have been able to give this wonder of nature a hug. Again the information was that it is not safe to ride by bike from there to Tzaneen, so we loaded up the car and drove to Tzaneen, arriving late afternoon. Distance for today 32,42km, riding time 01h44m avg speed 18.5kph through some of the thickest sand and on some terrible  road conditions.



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