The WhatsApp chat group during the Krooze

I would like to share the comments and remarks during the Krooze, daily inspiration and motivation from the BEST group of supporters. Photos and media have been removed.

Cape Krooze WhatsApp Chat

2016/03/08, 07:26 – You created group “Kruzer Krooze”

2016/03/08, 07:27 – Barry de Kock: Morning all, Today the Krooze starts. Will keep you updated.

2016/03/08, 07:29 – Mark Segers DOC: Cool. Enjoy the journey and be safe.

2016/03/08, 07:30 – AFreda de Kock: 😘

2016/03/08, 07:30 – Johann van der Merwe: GOOD LUCK..🚲😜🏁

2016/03/08, 07:30 – Klem Dunstan: C u later

2016/03/08, 07:31 – Nico/Piet De Kock: Sterkte met die Krooze en geniet dit 🙏

2016/03/08, 07:31 – George Fitzpatrick: Go safe

2016/03/08, 07:42 – Ervin Toth: Keep those wheels on the road and the wind on your back🚴🚴🚴

2016/03/08, 07:44 – Gavin Hollis: Thought you blasted off at 0500 already, go well send pics

2016/03/08, 07:52 – Kosie Sauerman: Laat die wiele sing ou neef

2016/03/08, 07:58 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Laat die wiele role en ry veilig.

2016/03/08, 07:59 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Laat die wiele sing op die pad. Wees maar versigtig ten alle tye

2016/03/08, 08:01 – Karenne Van Niekerk: Geniet en wees veilig

2016/03/08, 08:02 – Tony Allerton: Good luck from the UK my good friend, have a safe trip and enjoy the experience. Keep a diary and when your book is published I’ll have a copy. Totseins. Tony, Bridget, Catherine & Sarah xx

2016/03/08, 08:04 – Gustav Viljoen: Veilig en lekker ry Barry. Ek is jaloers. Sou baie graag wou saam ry, maar v nou is jy die guinea pig haha. Hoop jou Ali hou, want myne het na n week in gegee. George – Kaapstad.

2016/03/08, 08:07 – Hilda van Niekerk: Lekker  Barry🚴 mis jou op die fiets vadag

2016/03/08, 09:50 – Belinda Stege: Have an awesome time! And safe travels 🌈😃👍🚴🚴🚴

2016/03/08, 11:24 – Norman van der Merwe: Bon voyage Barry. Be safe and keep that Kruzer rolling

2016/03/08, 16:35 – Klem Dunstan: We will be home abt 5:45 Barry

2016/03/08, 16:41 – Dave Agrella: Long day in the saddle?

2016/03/08, 16:51 – Mark Segers DOC: How far did you travel? And what is the weight of the bike with all your kit

2016/03/08, 17:55 – Karenne Van Niekerk: Where are you sleeping tonight?

2016/03/08, 10:57 – AFreda de Kock: Hi all. Barry says he has just managed to leave now. They had problems with vehicle that was taking him to Gordon’s Bay. Safe riding my Lovie.

2016/03/08, 11:03 – Hilda van Niekerk: Tx Frida😉

2016/03/08, 11:03 – Gustav Viljoen: Lekke! Hope you well Freda regards, Gustav & Chantel

2016/03/08, 11:08 – Tony Allerton: From cruising at 38000 ft to cruising at ground level, only you could do it Barry. God Speed. Tony

2016/03/08, 17:59 – Annette Heyneke: Sterkte! Mag elke trap ‘n avontuur wees! Geniet dit!

2016/03/08, 18:09 – Tony Allerton: Any sore patches or is it too early? Have a good rest tonight. Tony

2016/03/08, 18:09 – Hilda van Niekerk: Bly jy is veilig Barry

2016/03/08, 18:10 – Mark Segers DOC: Enjoy the journey. You need to save the course as we would like to do it one day

2016/03/08, 18:11 – George Fitzpatrick: Well done B, have a good night’s sleep and send regards to Klem & Ginoca.

2016/03/08, 18:11 – Belinda Stege: 👍😃 all good. Recover well – eat, rest and be fresh for day 2.

2016/03/08, 18:14 – Mark Segers DOC: Pizza and beer are awaiting you in Sedgefield.

2016/03/08, 18:16 – Gustav Viljoen: Lekke Barry …… walked the last bit. …. hahaha,I think nr 2 of many to come. Wind from the front is not your friend. …. Bravo ou grote

2016/03/08, 18:48 – Norman van der Merwe: Well done.🍻

2016/03/08, 18:49 – Ervin Toth: An ice cold Draught on a Good Man with a fantastic Spirit 4 adventure, keep pedalling, were with u🍻🚵🚴

2016/03/08, 19:28 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Geniet n welverdiende rus vannag en spring more vars weg. Ons hou jou dop😜🚲

2016/03/08, 19:50 – George Fitzpatrick: Beautiful country.

2016/03/08, 19:54 – Dave Agrella: Amazing

2016/03/08, 19:56 – Gustav Viljoen: Lungs, bums and legs ! May they give you only “good service” lol!

2016/03/08, 19:59 – Karenne Van Niekerk: Carbo load. You deserve that beer!! 🍺

2016/03/08, 21:21 – Colin Black: Enjoy big time Barrysun

2016/03/08, 22:37 – Kassie Stander: Vasbyt pace jouself eine kleine cerveza  …n klein biertjie 🍻🍻

2016/03/08, 23:19 – Barry de Kock: Dankie Mamba, erg dors.🍷🍺🍺🍺🍺

2016/03/09, 08:10 – Nico/Piet De Kock: Lekker ry Barry

2016/03/09, 08:13 – George Fitzpatrick: Have a great ride.🚴👍

2016/03/09, 08:13 – Gustav Viljoen: If I look at all your goods – luggage, I can’t help asking myself ” are you immigrating” Barry ☺. Lekker ry.

2016/03/09, 08:13 – Ervin Toth: We’re following u, enjoy the ride🎖

2016/03/09, 08:16 – Colin Black: Overweight baggage allowance?? Lekker ry jong boet!

2016/03/09, 08:26 – Hilda van Niekerk: Geniet Barry

2016/03/09, 08:40 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Lekker ry. Onthou Barrels by die White Shark Mall. Lekkerste vis🐟🐟🐟

2016/03/09, 10:54 – Tommy Dreyer: 🚲😃

2016/03/09, 12:02 – Klem Dunstan: Was great having you Barry! Ride carefully

2016/03/09, 19:47 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Hoe was jou dag? Jy in Franskraal?

2016/03/09, 20:36 – Kosie Sauerman: Hoe gaan dit met die jong fikse afgetrede “dom” neef van my. Weet hy ni daar is al motorkarre nie, sou Oupa Sollie vra.

2016/03/09, 20:43 – Nico/Piet De Kock: Praat jy Kosie. Ons raak moeg van kar ry! !!

2016/03/09, 20:46 – Kosie Sauerman: Ek raak deesdae al amper moeg v net in en uitklim.😃

2016/03/09, 20:48 – Nico/Piet De Kock: 👍

2016/03/10, 09:00 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Waarheen vandag?

2016/03/10, 09:20 – AFreda de Kock: Vandag is Barry op pad Agulus toe. Hy Bly twee aande by sy oom Nico.   Hy het nie wi-fi nie, so geen WhatsApp nie. Sal laat weet as ek iets hoor.

2016/03/10, 09:31 – Tommy Dreyer: Dankie Freda

2016/03/10, 09:45 – Norman van der Merwe: Thank you Freda. Send Barry best of luck and wish I was riding with him

2016/03/10, 10:11 – AFreda de Kock: Hi Norman. He would love the company.

2016/03/10, 10:38 – Hilda van Niekerk: Dankie vir die update. Hy het ons almal lekker jaloers Freda

2016/03/10, 10:43 – AFreda de Kock: Ja, al julle ‘bicyclers’ sal Seker so voel. Selfs ek sou saam sou wees.😁. Maar nie op n fiets nie, nie meer lus nie. Ek is Baie Lui! Jammer sukkel met Afrikaans spelling op my Apple!

2016/03/10, 10:44 – Hilda van Niekerk: 👍😜🚴

2016/03/10, 10:57 – Tony Allerton: Greetings from an overcast and wet England. Hope you’re enjoying the clear blue skies and the magnificent scenery of South Africa. Like many of your friends I would love to have been able to join you. Have a safe ride Barry.

2016/03/10, 11:00 – Monique De Kock: My Pa, doen hierdie fiets toer van die ruimte sy siel in en tot diep eer van, sy geliefde Ma en Pa-met sy hele wese-Die Prag van die natuur troos sy hart soos die omhelsing van ‘n kombers van onvoorwaardige liefde wat sy Ma en Pa vir hom en aan hom gegee het! Lief vir Jou, My Dad! xxx

2016/03/10, 11:01 – Tony Allerton: Minibus, you must be very proud of the ‘old man’ Tony x

2016/03/10, 11:03 – Tony Allerton: That should read Monique and not Minibus. Predictive text, bah!!!!

2016/03/10, 11:04 – AFreda de Kock: That is so funny Tony. 😂 drives me crazy!

2016/03/10, 11:06 – Tony Allerton: Freda, are you accompanying Barry?

2016/03/10, 11:09 – Monique De Kock: Tony, deeply proud, yet deeply emotional for My Dad! He misses his, Mom and Dad Deeply! Never come across a man as dedicated to his parents as My Dad!

2016/03/10, 11:12 – Monique De Kock: Tony, greetings from a soaked and overcast Johannesburg!

2016/03/10, 11:12 – AFreda de Kock: Hi Tony. Unfortunately only in thought. I am at work and Barry is at play!☹

2016/03/10, 11:14 – Tony Allerton: That will never change. I still want to call my mum and listen to her complaining about her aches and pains for half an hour or so! At least she is out of pain but I do miss her 12 years later. Keep well and give my love to mum and dad when you next speak to them. X

2016/03/10, 11:17 – Monique De Kock: Will do @team #KruzerKrooze 😀

2016/03/10, 11:19 – Monique De Kock: Cheers to The Kruzer Krooze WhatsApp Group, have an Amazing Immensely Profound Day! 😀

2016/03/10, 12:02 – Monique De Kock: I read an article of an astronaut, after having returned to earth from space how his body and overall constitution had deteriorated, and I came to this conclusion – “When we transition to the other side, it is blast off for the Soul, like a Space Rocket into the Power Dimension, nothing deteriorates, only gains energy momentum-within multi-dimensions, suspended in space!”

2016/03/10, 13:46 – AFreda de Kock: Barry has arrived in Agulhas safely. Covered in dust and happy. As soon as he can find somewhere with Wi-Fi he will catch up and update. Wishes all his friends were there with him.

2016/03/10, 13:48 – Nico/Piet De Kock: Good news Freda

2016/03/10, 13:53 – Hilda van Niekerk: Tx Frida bly hy is veilig en op sy happy place🚴😀

2016/03/10, 14:12 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Dis goed en hoop hy gaan die volgende twee dae lekker uitrus

2016/03/10, 14:58 – AFreda de Kock: 👍

2016/03/10, 15:07 – Ervin Toth: Those legs must be aching, enjoy time out and a cold one👏🍺

2016/03/10, 15:15 – Barry de Kock: Have Wi-Fi after 2 days. Wind and uphills the enemy, have won every battle so far but not the war. Saw 2 dams/pans full of Flamingos, 2 Fish Eagles in a flight display and hearing their calls. Magnificent views of the country side and coast. Yesterday from Kleinmond to Uilenskraal – 95km avg speed 18.5kph.

Today – 86km at 19.9kph. Backside not complaining yet, legs lazy in the morning. Full report to follow on blog.

2016/03/10, 15:16 – Wikus Vermeulen: Geniet!

2016/03/10, 15:17 – Barry de Kock: 👍😬

2016/03/10, 15:17 – George Fitzpatrick: Well done and have a good rest!

2016/03/10, 15:18 – Barry de Kock: BIG Time and even a couple of🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺😂

2016/03/10, 15:22 – Norman van der Merwe: Well done Barry. Enjoy your time with friends and rest well. Do whatever is necessary to keep your backside happy; I’ve learnt that is paramount in long and hard days in the saddle 🍻

2016/03/10, 15:24 – Tony Allerton: You lucky so and so, the African Fish Eagle is my favourite bird. Have a good rest tonight Barry.

2016/03/10, 15:30 – Monique De Kock: Be safe, My Dad! Love You so very much! xxx

2016/03/10, 15:44 – Hilda van Niekerk: Ag great Barry, nee jou ave nog baie goed vi uphills en wind en daai vrag🙈👍. Jy is n yster. Enjoy ons is groen van jaloesie🚴

2016/03/10, 15:58 – Mark Segers DOC: Barry, if you have a Garmin. You can set up Garmin live then the folks can follow your journey.

2016/03/10, 15:58 – Mark Segers DOC: 👍

2016/03/10, 15:59 – George Fitzpatrick: Great idea!

2016/03/10, 16:01 – Barry de Kock: Have a Garmin, but just the unit with me, Edge 800, not Wi-Fi capable. If you can advise how to, I will do it.

2016/03/10, 16:15 – Norman van der Merwe: Barry, as far as I know and what I do is, you can download Garmin Connect to your phone via Wi-Fi and then connect your Garmin instrument via Bluetooth to your phone and once the activity is downloaded to Garmin Connect, send to Strava, also via Wi-Fi.

2016/03/10, 16:19 – Mark Segers DOC: Hi Barry the Garmin 500 and 800 can’t connect to Garmin live. You can use Strava and just save the ride every day. Then we can follow you every day.

2016/03/10, 16:35 – Klem Dunstan: Well done Barry

2016/03/10, 18:01 – Barry de Kock: Thanks Norm, unit to old, does not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth😱

2016/03/10, 20:10 – Norman van der Merwe: Speak to me; I know a guy that gets Garmin at great prices

2016/03/11, 06:09 – Barry de Kock: Rest day today, raining in Agulhas, weather man says it will be sunny for Saturday. Check bike, service, lube and ready for the road to De Hoop nature reserve Saturday.

2016/03/11, 06:10 – Mark Segers DOC: Enjoy the rest.  Go catch a galjoen.

2016/03/11, 06:11 – Barry de Kock: 👍🐟

2016/03/11, 06:51 – Hilda van Niekerk: Lekker rus.

2016/03/11, 06:54 – Klem Dunstan: Enjoy the day off

2016/03/11, 06:58 – Barry de Kock: Fuel tanks being filled with traditional boere kos made by my aunt. Life is good.

2016/03/11, 07:10 – Wikus Vermeulen: Geniet dit Barry. Lekker kuier.

2016/03/11, 07:32 – AFreda de Kock: ☹

2016/03/11, 07:38 – Kosie Sauerman: Hi Barry. Geniet dit daar by jou wonderlike oom. Smee die bande, lekker. Groete

2016/03/11, 07:49 – Kosie Sauerman: Nee wat, net kolsterte sal by hom byt.😂👍

2016/03/11, 08:30 – Byron Pienaar Just Cycles: Glad to see all is well Barry. Glad to see you are enjoying it and having a good time. Good luck and have a great rest day. From the team at Just Cycles

2016/03/11, 09:38 – Elsabe Zagt: Hi B. Bly dit gaan goed met die jou en die Kruzer. Ek hoop jy geniet elke oomblik!!!

2016/03/11, 08:41 – Ervin Toth: Must be an amazing experience regardless of the daily challenges….Ons hou jou dop en geniet die rus🚳

2016/03/11, 08:48 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Weet nie by jou nie maar hier op Hartenbos reen dit heerlik. Goeie dag gekies om te rus want volgens die weervoorspelling reen dit daar ook met more weer n sonnige dag en lekker trap De Hoop toe🚲

2016/03/11, 08:50 – Nico/Piet De Kock: Stuur groete daar vir oom Nico en tannie Hettie.

2016/03/11, 20:58 – George Fitzpatrick: Hi B, have a great ride tomorrow and go safe.

2016/03/12, 10:44 – Karenne Van Niekerk: Lekker kuier

2016/03/12, 19:15 – AFreda de Kock: Hi all. This is the message I received from Barry just after 3.30 “Ek is by Malgas, laaaang en warm dag, sit nou net eers en rus vir ‘n ruk dan sal ek bel en hoor waar my boot is. Vir elke 1 afdraende is daar 4 opdraendes. “. A farmer would take Barry across the river with his boat as the Pont is being serviced.

2016/03/12, 19:17 – Tony Allerton: Why can’t he swim across? Ha! Ha! Ha! Tony

2016/03/12, 19:18 – Barry de Kock: Have Wi-Fi, Bull sharks in river

2016/03/12, 19:18 – AFreda de Kock: He will sleep on the farm which is on the northern side of river in Witsand. He sounded tired when I spoke to him. I don’t think that he has any cell phone reception where he is camping. Ha-ha, Tony

2016/03/12, 19:21 – Dave Agrella: Looking good!

2016/03/12, 19:21 – Nico/Piet De Kock: Dit lyk mooi daar en lekker rus Barry

2016/03/12, 19:35 – AFreda de Kock: I think Barry is having far too much fun without me!😱I was wrong. He is going to cycle to Witsand tomorrow. He is still in Malgas, just on the other side of the river, dining at a pizza place and will be sleeping in the farmers’ house. So much for slumming it!😜 . I think Barry is experiencing the true kindness and hospitality that we forget exists in this beautiful country of ours. So as Ervin would say – give that farmer a Bells!

2016/03/12, 19:41 – Hilda van Niekerk: Enjoy Barry!

2016/03/12, 19:44 – Tony Allerton: Hear hear Freda. South Africans are well known for their hospitality and long may it continue. Tony x

2016/03/13, 06:43 – Barry de Kock: My host at Malgas, Brain had SAA connections in terms of a bursary in the early 80’s. Very gracious people in the Malgas area. Good sleep, short day to Witsand, about 35km. Till next time…….🚵👍

2016/03/13, 06:45 – Hilda van Niekerk: Good luck Barry

2016/03/13, 06:47 – Barry de Kock: <Media omitted>

2016/03/13, 06:47 – Hilda van Niekerk: Beautiful

2016/03/13, 06:50 – AFreda de Kock: How lucky can you get? Stunning.

2016/03/13, 06:58 – Klem Dunstan: Nice one Barry

2016/03/13, 07:01 – Barry de Kock: Edith and Deon, how about meeting in Stilbaai tomorrow afternoon. Take your bike for a run along the coast.

2016/03/13, 07:02 – Ervin Toth: Morning B…how many days still to go and what is expected km you are aiming at🏁

2016/03/13, 07:03 – Barry de Kock: Total of 750km about, should be done be next Sunday.😬

2016/03/13, 09:51 – Tony Allerton: We are with you in spirit Barry all the way you lucky man. Love from all of us here in Marlow.

2016/03/13, 12:19 – Kosie Sauerman: Ou Neef, Dink so baie aan jou. Hoe voel jy, cope jy nog?

Freda, ons gaan hom lekker laat rus en bederf. “Aunt” Loraine sal ook hier wees.

2016/03/13, 17:10 – Hilda van Niekerk: Bly jy is veilig, lekker rus en sterkte vir môre

2016/03/13, 17:11 – Barry de Kock: Dankie, eet vroeë aand ete baie na aan die rivier. Mooi plek.

2016/03/13, 17:12 – Monique De Kock: Wees veilig, My Dad! xxx Jy Is Awesome!

2016/03/13, 17:13 – Hilda van Niekerk: Al jou fotos sover is pragtig

2016/03/13, 17:14 – Barry de Kock: Mik en druk, hoop vir beste😬

2016/03/13, 17:16 – Hilda van Niekerk: 📷 jy doen goed😀

2016/03/13, 17:16 – Barry de Kock: 👍 Dankie

2016/03/13, 17:27 – Barry de Kock: Dankie Monique😘

2016/03/13, 17:34 – Ervin Toth: Epic Barry, have a peaceful and safe evening, enjoy the ride tomorrow🚴

2016/03/13, 17:46 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Waarheen more Barry?

2016/03/13, 17:48 – Barry de Kock: Stilbaai, sien ek julle daar, kom kuier met motorfiets. Is dit nog reg om julle huis te misbruik 17/03?

2016/03/13, 17:49 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Hoeveel dae bly jy daar?

2016/03/13, 17:53 – Barry de Kock: Neef, sien julle op die plaas 15 en 16/03. Sien woes uit daarna.

2016/03/13, 17:54 – Kosie Sauerman: 👍 👍

2016/03/13, 19:12 – Belinda Stege: Wow! 👍😃

2016/03/13, 18:45 – Norman van der Merwe: Nice going Barry. Thank you for sharing your journey with me (us)⛺🚵

2016/03/13, 19:05 – Mark Segers DOC: Any cob?

2016/03/13, 21:23 – Dave Agrella: 😄

2016/03/13, 21:34 – Tommy Dreyer: 😂

2016/03/14, 12:17 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Jy al op Stilbaai?

2016/03/14, 12:24 – AFreda de Kock: Hi Dion & Edith. Barry het my so half uur terug gebel. Hy was toe nog so 40 Km weg van Stilbaai gewees. Hy sal Seker eers na 2 daar aankom. Hy gaan Seker eers langs die pad iets kry om te eet. Sal julle laat weet as ek iets hoor. Baie sterk wind van voor en op grondpad.

2016/03/14, 12:25 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Baie Dankie

2016/03/14, 12:26 – AFreda de Kock: Hy het glo vir julle n boodskap vroeer gestuur.

2016/03/14, 17:55 – George Fitzpatrick: Hi Deon, stuur groete asb.

2016/03/14, 17:59 – Klem Dunstan: Well done Barry!

2016/03/14, 18:01 – Nico/Piet De Kock: Goed gery Barry

2016/03/14, 18:03 – Tony Allerton: Have you arrived for your overnight stay Barry? My phone keeps on pinging indicating a message has come in? Hope today’s ride was another good one. Tony

2016/03/14, 18:07 – Hilda van Niekerk: Mooj Barry bly jy is veilig

2016/03/14, 18:08 – Mark Segers DOC: 👍🚵

2016/03/14, 18:40 – Barry de Kock: Today was one of my hardest days ever, 90plus km, very strong wind all the way direct from the front, never ending hills, BIG ONES. It’s like doing the Comrades and 2 Oceans in one day, back to back. I’m tired and beyond. Thank you Deon and Edith for the last kms. You saved the day.👍😴😴😴😴💤💤💤💤

2016/03/14, 18:42 – Mark Segers DOC: Congrats.

2016/03/14, 18:48 – George Fitzpatrick: Well done Barry.

2016/03/14, 18:48 – Norman van der Merwe: Well done. Rest well

2016/03/14, 18:50 – Ervin Toth: Good going B, your family and friends must be very proud of u, you deserve a medal so here’s one for the Trophy Cabinet already🏅

2016/03/14, 19:04 – Belinda Stege: Oh shame! Rest well. Hope you feel good in the morning 👍

2016/03/14, 18:53 – Dave Agrella: As long as you are having fun 👍

2016/03/14, 19:50 – Tony Allerton: What a tough old boot you are Barry as I remember from our runs together here and in SA. Sleep well tonight. Tony

2016/03/15, 14:58 – Barry de Kock: Today the body, legs and even my blood is tired, wind from behind, but had some monstrous climbs. Beautiful countryside after much needed rain. At one of my favourite places in the world to enjoy an off/rest day.

2016/03/15, 15:02 – Klem Dunstan: Nice Barry You are getting there

2016/03/15, 15:10 – Hilda van Niekerk: Stunning Barry

2016/03/15, 15:20 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: Nie geweet dis die plaas nie. Was al daar verby met die MF.  Met die ou gesels. Dis ook n gastehuis of so iets. Bly jys veilig. Lekker rus

2016/03/15, 15:26 – Tony Allerton: Fabulous photos Barry. Baie Dankie.

2016/03/15, 15:38 – Norman van der Merwe: Pain goes away; memories last forever

2016/03/15, 15:40 – Tony Allerton: Norm, have you been reading philosophy books again? Ha ha. Regards Tony

2016/03/15, 15:45 – Norman van der Merwe: No, Tony. I actually was afraid someone would ask if I meant the memories of the pain lasts forever…😊😂

2016/03/15, 15:46 – Tony Allerton: I know the feeling. Keep well. Tony

2016/03/15, 15:50 – Norman van der Merwe: Thank you, Tony. You too

2016/03/15, 17:31 – Norman van der Merwe: Did you adopt a dog as a riding buddy now?😄

2016/03/15, 17:52 – Klem Dunstan: Does the dog pull you along Barry?

2016/03/15, 18:21 – Mark Segers DOC: What an incredible journey. Very envious.

2016/03/15, 18:29 – Ervin Toth: Jy’s ‘n Yster, Elsabe and I are of the opinion that our 2 dogs only bark when u’re around and that’s because they miss u when u’re gone😜😂

2016/03/16, 08:43 – AFreda de Kock: My Lovie, is a strong Boer. Was a bit concerned about him yesterday. He took a huge amount of strain from Witsand to Stilbaai. Eating too little and had far too much sun and wind, but he sounds good today. Love you B. 😘❤💋

2016/03/16, 08:56 – Tony Allerton: What a fabulous and caring wife Barry has. Freda his love for you will see him through this ‘once in a lifetime experience’ I have said this before, he is doing something most of us can only dream about. Much love to you both. Tony xx

2016/03/16, 09:01 – George Fitzpatrick: Not too far to go Freda, he will get lots of love and tender care when he arrives in Sedgefield.

2016/03/16, 09:02 – Tony Allerton: Is that you young George Fitzpatrick?

2016/03/16, 09:05 – George Fitzpatrick: Hi Tony, waiting for the Iron man to arrive in Hartenbos, will cycle with him to Sedgefield.

2016/03/16, 09:07 – Tony Allerton: You lucky man living where you do. Give the old timer my very best wishes please. Tony

2016/03/16, 09:09 – George Fitzpatrick: Will do Tony. Lots of love to you and the family!

2016/03/16, 09:10 – Tony Allerton: Thx George and the same to you two.

2016/03/16, 09:10 – AFreda de Kock: All our love to you Tony, Brigette and the girls. So wonderful that you are part of his journey, all the way from the UK. Xx

2016/03/16, 09:52 – Monique De Kock: We celebrate, My Dad upon, his return, in time for His Birthday next Sunday! I am so proud of My Dad, A Profound and Deep Man of many a talent! His favourite all time band is Pink Floyd, and to quote Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, this is My Dad: “The Memories Of A Man In His Old Age, Are The Deeds Of A Man In His Prime!”  Barry De Kock A Man Of True Character! I Love You, My Phenomenal Dad! xxx

2016/03/16, 10:00 – Monique De Kock: Uncle George, Thank You for seeing the last leg of My Dad’s Journey through with him, and for You and Aunty Sue, being the friends You are to My Mom and Dad! You both are part of their joy! May Your ride together be amazing!

2016/03/16, 10:34 – George Fitzpatrick: It’s a great pleasure Monique, can’t wait to see him!

2016/03/16, 14:43 – Barry de Kock: Hello all, after some Magumpa hills and strong wind, I have made it to a very special place, the Sauerman farm in the Albertinia district. Two tough, hard days, not eating properly whilst riding I was very sore and stiff arriving here yesterday and it felt like flu symptoms. Loads of healthy food and being spoilt and I am feeling a lot better today. Think I will take another rest day tomorrow. It has been an amazing experience and adventure this far. Backside somewhat tender, ego slightly dented due to not eating while riding, but will be back on the saddle soon. Some photos to follow. In the process of updating the Kruzer blog. Resting the body.

2016/03/16, 14:46 – Hilda van Niekerk: Rus lekker Barry, hoop jy voel gou beter🚴

2016/03/16, 14:47 – Barry de Kock: Dropped pin

2016/03/16, 14:53 – Tony Allerton: Don’t forget my friend, none of us are invincible and keep smiling! Tony

2016/03/16, 14:55 – Barry de Kock: The older we get, the better we were. 😂😂😂😂🚵👍

2016/03/16, 14:55 – Norman van der Merwe: 😂🍻

2016/03/16, 14:59 – Tony Allerton: Barry, you taught me that expression years ago during my time with SAA (when we both had hair!) and I have used it ever since. All the best. Tony

2016/03/16, 15:04 – Barry de Kock: According to Strava, I have climbed 7,543 meters since 01 March. 7.5km carrying 45 plus kg, 😱, clothes that used to fit is now way to big, luckily I have rope to use as a belt. The pin that stretches the Brooks saddle, gone, snapped and lost somewhere, now have 2 tennis balls 🎾🎾 stuck between leather and rails for suspension and TLC to the tender bits.😂, but, I have been told that I have always been a “Hardegat”

2016/03/16, 15:05 – Tony Allerton: Wow!!!!

2016/03/16, 15:10 – Hilda van Niekerk: Haha Barry ek wens ek was daar. 😀

2016/03/16, 15:15 – Barry de Kock: Jy kan maar lag, self ek lag nou vir myself😂😂

2016/03/16, 15:16 – Hilda van Niekerk: Sover ek lees lag ek🙈

2016/03/16, 15:21 – Karenne Van Niekerk: Ek lag saam. As jy oud is gaan jy lekker memories hê

2016/03/16, 15:27 – George Fitzpatrick: Kyk hoe Lyk daai wit baard Karenne. Dink jy nie Hy is Klaar oud. Lol. Groete hier uit die Suid Kaap!

2016/03/16, 15:28 – Barry de Kock: Dit is nie baard nie, maar son beskerming😂😂😂😂

2016/03/16, 15:31 – Karenne Van Niekerk: Shame. Amper oud. Early retirement!! Haha

2016/03/16, 15:32 – Barry de Kock: 😂👍

2016/03/16, 15:34 – Dave Agrella: Now I wish I was there too 👍. Sore gat and all!

2016/03/16, 15:36 – Norman van der Merwe: That’s my sentiment too Dave!

2016/03/16, 15:36 – Dave Agrella: This is cycling 🚴

2016/03/16, 15:37 – Barry de Kock: Kroooooozing and some walking. Life is good. Will do some when back home.

2016/03/16, 15:48 – Monique De Kock: The Shy, Strong and Silent type, I like that! Full of depth and substance! 😀

2016/03/16, 18:13 – Tommy Dreyer: Hallo Barry. Baie jaloers op jou trip. Baie mooi deel van die land wat jy deur gery sover met net sulke great mense wat daar bly. Sien jy gaan more eerder rus, dis n goeie besluit. Jy moet nie jouself ooreis en die trip bederf nie. Môre is nog n dag en ons is mos nie haastig nie. Geniet jou rus more en voorspoed met die res van die tog.🚲🚲👍🙌

2016/03/16, 18:47 – Barry de Kock: Dankie Tommy, maak so.

2016/03/17, 07:40 – Monique De Kock: Mag Jou dag wonderlik wees My Dad, stop by ‘n plaas kafee of koffie winkel, iewers, vir lekker tradisionele soet kaneel pannekoek en koffie! Lekker carbo-load!  xxx

2016/03/17, 20:58 – Kassie Stander: Vasbyt ou toppie ek en Willie Meyer drink n Rooi wyntjie op jou hier in London. Hy wou jou join ha ha maar die man het nog 6 maande voor retirement. Tyd vlieg. Old rockers never die …they just keep on cruising 🍻🍻

2016/03/17, 21:03 – Wikus Vermeulen: Ja ou Kas. Julle ou manne is funny.

2016/03/17, 21:04 – Ervin Toth: Must say sounds like u have an awesome group of Friends and Family supporting u by the msg’s doing the rounds. Hope u are well rested and energized for the road ahead, travel safely and look forward to hearing about your awesome adventure on your return…rest well and keep those wheels spinning 🏁🏁

2016/03/17, 21:11 – Monique De Kock: Ervin, Your support and awesome messages are appreciated! Really good knowing, My Mom and Dad have neighbours as Yourself and Elsabe! Thank You! 😀

2016/03/17, 21:14 – Ervin Toth: 👍👍👍Cool we’ll celebrate with him when he gets home.

2016/03/17, 21:15 – Monique De Kock: Great Stuff Ervin! Thank You once again! 😀

2016/03/18, 06:39 – Elsabe Zagt: Hi B! Sterkte en geniet elke seer boud en hongerpyn. Jy doen war jy nog altyd wou doen. Ek hou die fort op die jet. Hou uit!!!

2016/03/18, 08:01 – Barry de Kock: Thanks all, my family “Bike Jacked” me and having a great time/rest on the farm. I have forgotten what it’s like to calm down to a panic and live a slower pace. Tomorrow the Krooze continue to Hartenbos, Sunday, George join me on the ride to George and Monday destination Sedgefield.

2016/03/18, 08:03 – Hilda van Niekerk: Hoe voel jy Barry?

2016/03/18, 08:05 – Barry de Kock: Soos ‘n nuwe mens, jare by gekry hier op plaas en op pad hier heen.👍😁🚵

2016/03/18, 08:07 – Mark Segers DOC: Congrats Barry

2016/03/18, 08:08 – Hilda van Niekerk: Great👍🚴, enjoy

2016/03/18, 08:13 – Norman van der Merwe: Good news. Enjoy Barry

2016/03/18, 08:17 – Nico/Piet De Kock: Bly die op die plaas kan jou goed doen Barry. Voorspoed vir jou volgende paar dae.

2016/03/18, 08:36 – Karenne Van Niekerk: Geniet en wees veilig

2016/03/18, 08:59 – Tony Allerton: Please give my best wishes to Wilderness and Kaaimans River Bridge when you pass through. I have spent quite a few hours photographing steam trains going over the bridge to Knysna in the 80s. A wonderful location. It will be tough on those ‘old’ legs Barry but what I would give to be riding with you! All the best my friend. Tony

2016/03/18, 10:13 – George Fitzpatrick: Hi Tony, Sedgefield is not far from Wilderness my invitation is still there for you and the family!

2016/03/18, 10:21 – George Fitzpatrick: Have balls must fly.👍🚴

2016/03/18, 10:21 – Barry de Kock: 😂😂😂✈🚵

2016/03/18, 10:24 – Tony Allerton: Barry, words fail me, I have heard of improvisation but this is something else! Ha ha. Tony

2016/03/18, 10:25 – Monique De Kock: ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan! 😀

2016/03/18, 10:33 – Tommy Dreyer: 😆😆

2016/03/18, 10:52 – Deon Edith Geldenhuys: George what is happening to you? See your biking buddy has been bike-jacked

2016/03/18, 11:00 – George Fitzpatrick: Hi Deon, Barry arrives in Hartenbos tomorrow. My family arrive tomorrow, will come through Sunday morning to meet up with Barry.

2016/03/18, 12:34 – Monique De Kock: A little something for a Friday for The Kruzer Krooze WhatsApp Group-For The Last Leg of The Krooze Journey And The Pilot And Legend-Barry Enjoy this Legendary Artist!

2016/03/20, 14:31 – Hilda van Niekerk: Well done Barry🍾🚴🍾🚴🍾🚴

2016/03/20, 14:45 – Belinda Stege: 😃🌈👍

2016/03/20, 14:56 – Ervin Toth: Congrats, good going B, great Pics, weather also looks spot on…..soon checkered flag will come out to greet you. Have a great afternoon🏁🚴

2016/03/20, 15:38 – AFreda de Kock: Well done my Lovie and now you can come home!😜😘

2016/03/20, 15:40 – Barry de Kock: Yes Dear, 😳    –    😂😂😘😘👍

2016/03/20, 15:53 – Nico/Piet De Kock: Welgedaan Barry!!!!

2016/03/20, 16:17 – Barry de Kock: Beter as hulle, ek het alles self gedoen met die hulp van famielie en regte vriende.

2016/03/20, 16:18 – Wikus Vermeulen: Nice one Barry.

2016/03/20, 16:42 – Kassie Stander: Try gou in pop by JD en Gerald by Wilderness, of is jy al verby?

2016/03/20, 16:43 – Barry de Kock: Lank al vroeg vanoggend verby, hulle was te besig toe ons daar verby is, lang naweek.

2016/03/20, 16:44 – Kassie Stander: O ja. Well done ou grote!!!

2016/03/20, 16:45 – Barry de Kock: Dankie Mamba. Groete vir jou “Blond”😂

2016/03/20, 17:02 – Mark Segers DOC: Congrats from all of us at the DOC’s

2016/03/20, 17:41 – Mark Segers DOC: Barry your pizza and beer await you at la pizza

2016/03/20, 17:52 – Barry de Kock: Thanks Mark👍🍕🍺

2016/03/20, 18:11 – Gavin Hollis: Hi Barry you probably thought I was not keeping track as haven’t commented. Not so I’ve read every note and app all your fine friends and family posted. I waited till last to make sure you completed. Congrats. Well done. Great ride. Your old gladiator in endeavours. Gavin

2016/03/20, 23:07 – Tony Allerton: Well said Gavin, I couldn’t agree more.

2016/03/25, 14:25 – Barry de Kock: Hello all, It’s been quiet for a while, but, final episode for the Cape Krooze to follow. Rested a couple days with Sue and George Fitzpatrick in Sedgefield and made my way home via Port Elizabeth, arriving home Wednesday afternoon. I have been busy catching up on all the “Honey do list” items and being with Freda. Photos and stuff to follow. Rgds

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