Day 8-Hartenbos to Sedgefield, 67.8km – moving time 03h08 avg speed 21,3kph

Sunday morning and the last leg of the Kruzer Krooze, with George Fitzpatrick joining me, was about to start. A beautiful sunrise and a South, South Westerly wind and on the road a couple of minutes after eight. The Buffalo Rally was in Mosselbay over the weekend and big numbers of motorcycles heading towards and away from the venue. Fortunately for us the wind is in our favour as we head towards George with the sun reflecting off the top of the Outeniqua mountains to our left and not visible, the ocean to our right.


With the good wind we make steady progress and the hills, not to difficult to climb and get to the top. Fairly big groups of cyclist on road bikes going in the opposite direction, most of them giving a friendly wave and greeting, some trying their utmost to ignore and zoom past. Hills are kind to us, not to long or steep.


After riding alone up to now, it is good to have company and soon George airport appeared on the horizon and passed, now the metropolis of George in sight, being flanked by the mountains and farmland.


Quickly the road and kilometers passes beneath our wheels and we are in George, stopping at the railway station and having a look at the grand old building and surrounds.


We move along and stop for breakfast at the mall on our way out of town and soon we are back on the road. A car passes by with the passenger gesturing out the window for us to stop as they find a safe place to pull off. What a surprise, my niece Ronel and her husband Andre from Oudtshoorn, have been following the ride and thought they might see us on our way to Sedgefield if they took a coastal drive.


After a brief roadside visit we were on our way heading down the Kaaimans with gravity doing the work. Speed cameras all the way down, cars slowing down, we made the best of it and I managed to trip a speed camera on the my fast descent passing a couple of surprised faces as we sped past. It is a beautiful view going down, crossing the river and sorrounds. You can smell the forest and sea as you start the climb to the Dolphin lookout point and as always, it is truly a magnificent sight to see the Wilderness beach stretching for kilometers to the South and the Outeniqua Choo-Choo railway bridge spanning the river mouth.



It was a good feeling standing there and reflecting on the Krooze adventure and to have views like this on the last sector with perfect weather.


Back on the road and into Wilderness for coffee and carrot cake stop. Back on the bikes and onto the gravel road to the North of Wilderness, towards Sedgefield, crossing the railway line several times with scenic views of the lake and homes on the shores, old farm buildings and old unused stations deteriorating daily.


The road was very corrugated and full of holes, but with the friendly wind we made good progress with the country side passing us we rode onwards towards Sedgefield.


Next in view was the Swartvlei lake, again giving me time to reflect on the journey, the people that made it possible and the hospitality I enjoyed as I stood there looking at the view and tranquility of the water in the foreground and mountains framing it all in the back.


Downhill, across the bridges and into Sedgefield, with a final scenic ride along the lake shore and the Kruzer Krooze, done and dusted. Distance from where I started in Gordons Bay to Sedgefield, 614,8km of adventure and discovery. Life is Good.
Thank you to all who made Kruzer Krooze a reality.
Until the next Krooze………..

One thought on “Day 8-Hartenbos to Sedgefield, 67.8km – moving time 03h08 avg speed 21,3kph

  1. Barry, What a great ride and to have George there for the last sector must have been the cherry on the cake. I remember in 1970 when I did Switzerland on a bike with a 3 speed, how I wished somebody could share the beauty with me. It was great and something I shall never forget. I’ll show you my route one day soon.
    Travel safely back to GuptaTeng.
    All the Best


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