Wednesday to Saturday farm visit and Hartenbos

Arrived on Tuesday after a rough and tough ride on Monday, as well as the Stilbaai  to Valsriviermond farm.


My whole body was aching, joints were painful and it felt like a bout of flu coming on. Drank an anti-inflamatory tablet after dinner and went to bed, woke up feeling much better, but could feel I needed more rest and build the system back up. Ouma Loraine, Koos, Ryna, François and Kobus spoilt and nursed me back to full strengh.


I ate from morning to evening, the most delicious farm dishes, freshly baked bread, the best tasting lamb, buttermilk rusks and treats. I spent lots of my childhood time on this farm and it was like a home coming, but so different, experiencing the same place through adult eyes in modern times.


Electricity, running water, gas stove, fridges and deep freezers, as a child it was paraffin lamps, candles and Colemans.


Entertainment at night was to sit on the veranda and listen to Oupa Sollie telling stories and playing his guitar, the stars so bright and plentiful. I did not need a lot of persuasion to stay the extra days, enjoy the memories and enjoy the farm life.




The Brooks saddle needed some repairs and I could use the farm tools and equipment to have a rideable saddle again, the Kruzer now have “Balls”.


Saturday morning was the day to leave the farm for Hartenbos, to meet up with George Fitzpatrick for the Hartenbos to Sedgefield ride. Friday night and Saturday morning the whole area was blessed with heavy downpours of rain, turning the roads I was going to travel on into mud baths, which would have made the going with the Kruzer very difficult if not impossible and it was decided that the safest and best solution would be to do the journey by vehicle. Arrived in Hartenbos, unpacked and took a ride through the place and it was as if it was my first time in the place.


As a kid, all our December holidays was at Hartenbos, but the place changed so much that not a single childhood memory could be recalled. Tomorrow will be the last leg of the Krooze in the company of friend, running partner and now cycling buddy, George and then I  need to get back home as soon as possible. That’s it for now………..

2 thoughts on “Wednesday to Saturday farm visit and Hartenbos

  1. Barry, I really enjoyed reading about your ride vain weskaap tot die ooskaap. Thanks, it really was great and I kept on checking each day to see if you had blogged again. Well Done!! Please give regards to George and Sue. Speak to you soon. Regards, Robbie


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