Day 7 – Stilbaai to Valsriviermond via Albertinia, 71km, moving time 04h42 – avg speed 15.1kph

Passed out after hard day and ready to roll at 08h15, started the climb out of Stilbaai with heavy loaded Kruzer and tired legs, wind from the front, but slow and steady I made my way to the top.



Turned right  onto the Gouritsmond gravel road and thankfully the wind from behind,


but was faced with more uphills than downhills, AGAIN, fairly rough and corrugated road, but lush green vegetation, full of birds chirping away. For now at least the hills were all rideable and going was good making good time. Made it to the Albertinia turn off and the 1st of 4 serious hills were there to attack my tired legs and body.



It was really tough and hard work getting to the top of the hills, but on the down section, managed to get very close to 70kph on the longest and steepest downhill. Kilometer after kilometer I worked my way to Albertinia and after lots of sweat and gears crossed the N2 into Albertinia, paid a quick visit to my aunt in the old age home, went to the Engen Garage at the entrance from the N2 into town, had one of the famous chicken pies at the garage and made my way back to the gravel road and on to the farm.


At this point my body was tired, even a small hill was like crossing a mountain pass and made frequent stops on the way to the farm resting and catching my breath, childhood memories of riding in my uncle’s Chevy, sitting in the dicky seat to the farm. Aloe harvesting is being done and I can still remember cutting and stacking the leaves for the juice collection .



Got to the farm in one piece, but body was really tired after 2 tough days. I’m now taking a couple of rest days and enjoying one of my most favourite places in the world at Valsriviermond, Gourits Guest Farm.


That’s about it for now, till next wifi………..

One thought on “Day 7 – Stilbaai to Valsriviermond via Albertinia, 71km, moving time 04h42 – avg speed 15.1kph

  1. Barry, Enjoy your well deserved rest, Enjoy the farm and your childhood memories. Even after seeing the world, it’s always the best when you return to childhood memories. Until next time,
    R E L A X ! You deserve it.


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