Day 5 – Malgas to Witsand 34,23km, moving time 02h16m Avg speed 18kph

My gracious host Brian Porter’s farm, where I spent the night, on the climb out of Malgas.


Started in cool overcast conditions and a fairly strong southerly wind and a steep climb out of Malgas, road in a good condition, but can see that it was very muddy earlier due to good rains.


Landscape with huge mountain range to the north and looking south no sign of the Breë river running in a deep cut out between the northern and southern side. It is a cruel landscape for a cyclist on a heavy bike, again for every downhill, you have to do a minimum of 3 uphills with the wind direct from the front.


Sheep and dairy cattle farms abound with a number of ostriches dotting the lands. At one point, as I was approaching, about 15 of them started running towards me and I just hoped that there was no break in the fence, but suddenly they turned around and ran in the opposite direction, disappearing down the hill.


At last the road sort of flattened out in to a good riding experience and suddenly in the distance the buildings of Witsand appeared. Made some good time on the last part of the gravel road and into town it was. Boats abound and just about every house have a boat outside. It is  beautiful view of the wide river mouth and beaches are long and clean.


Managed to get a spot out of the wind for my tent at the municipal camping ground, set up


and went for  ride on the beach as it was low tide and a large hard sand area was open. Made some single track.


Relaxed for a while, checked the Kruzer and went for dinner at the harbour,


managed to hook the phone up to their wifi and looked at the weather, which according to Acuweather will be warm and sunny. I’m hoping for an early start for the leg to Stilbaai, 80 km and about 5 hours. Till next time. ………..

One thought on “Day 5 – Malgas to Witsand 34,23km, moving time 02h16m Avg speed 18kph

  1. Brave Barry, Your ride looks great, the beautiful scenery along the way, well done, I’m really enjoying your blog. Ride safely with no punctures. Regards R & L


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