Day 4 from L’Agulhas to Malgas Pont -99.8km, moving time 05h48 avg speed 16.8kph

When I got to Agulhas on Thursday it was brilliant sunshine with a moderate wind. Within 2 hours of arriving the weather changed completely to a very strong wind and rain. Fortunately Friday was my rest day, slept late and woke to the same weather conditions, and  trying all weather predictions on the internet, all showing a good day for Saturday,  sunshine and bearable wind.


Goodbyes were said to my hosts, Nico and Hettie de Kock, my uncle and his wife who fed me excellent home made food, chicken pie, Steenbras and all sort of treats. I left at 08h15 under cloud cover and SE wind, not to strong yet, stopped in Struisbaai to pump the wheels and on the road to Bredasdorp. Fairly flat road, but the wind strong from the right to places on the nose, made it in fairly good time and did some food and snack shopping at Spar and wanted to get back on the road as soon as possible.


Got out of town onto the Swellendam road, and turned towards Malgas onto the gravel road, which was in a fairly good condition, but the wind started picking up in velocity making my progress somewhat slower.


Ostriches, Blue Cranes and various other bird species along the way on a cruel road, for every downhill stretch there were at some places 4 uphills. I did 3 walks today as the heat and the wind took it’s toll.



Road to Malgas from Bredasdorp

After what felt like a never ending sessions of up, more up and more up hills, some down sections, l made it to the Malgas turn, tar road and a steep downhill run to the river. Had a look at the non functional leaking pont and went back to the hotel area, had a cup of coffee.



I went to the shop to buy food and after asking me what I was doing I was given 2 boiled potatoes and 2 pieces of Chicken and they would not accept any money. I thanked them, went back to the hotel jetty and waited for Brain, who lives on the Witsand side to fetch me with his boat.


I was going to camp on his farm, but he graciously offered me a room and a hot shower, 30 minutes later we were in his boat heading downstream to a Pizza pub. Later than I intended, we got back and finally I can get some well deserved rest. The stars out here is so bright that he navigated back in the pitch dark, using the stars to emit their shine for navigating the dark Breede River with some humongous Bull Sharks. South Africa still have wonderful, hospitable, generous and giving people. What a country…… till the next wifi hookup……..

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