Day 2 – Kleinmond to Uilenskraalmond, 95.02km, avg speed 18.5kph moving time 5h08m

After a great night staying with Klem and Ginoca in Kleinmond,


it was off to an earlier start and longer ride for the day. Stopped off at the garage, pumped the wheels and on my way. Out of Kleinmond there is a climb and the legs were not fully awake yet.


Beautiful morning and a slight wind made the going easy and the views could be appreciated. Sea mist was hanging on the coastal belt with the early morning sun reflecting off the mountains on the left. The kilometers ticked away at a decent pace and Hermanus was in sight, climbs was at a fairly good pace as the wind was on my back. Rode into Hermanus



bought a coconut covered donut and made my way to Stanford as the next goal, a marker indicated Stanford 20km, Gansbaai 30km. Not long and I turned right towards Stanford, wind now from the right front and going was somewhat slower. Stanford appeared and the marker indicated 20km to Gansbaai and that is where the relentless, never ending hills attacked me in cooperation with the wind. For the next 14kg it was climbing for 800 meters, downhill for 200. On the first climb out of Stanford I took to walking the last 200 meters as it was just to steep and the wind to strong.


At last the undulating terrain, with more up than down hills were conquered and the pace picked up on a long downhill run into Gansbaai past the Kelders.



Lunch was from Spar in the form of Chicken Curry with rice and vegetables with was enjoyed in Franskraal on the beach


and then the last 5,5km to Uilenskraalmond camping site. Checked in, paid my R65.00, directed to my stand, set up tent and camp,


had a well deserved hot shower in the clean ablution block and settled in for the evening. In retrospect, hard work, tough hills but, spectacular views and nature delivering. Block burns have been done and flowers that only bloom after a burn


and then for 2 more years in abundance, Eagle sitting on a fence pole in all his regal glory, but so still that only a slow moving cyclist can notice it. Good day in the saddle, 95km in 5h08 moving time and average speed18.5kph.
Tomorrow on to Agulhas via Die Dam. Till the next wifi connection……….


Last Rays of the setting sun on tree tops

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