Counting Down

Monday 29/02/16

Had a scratchy throat and stuffy nose over the weekend, overdosed on Vit C, relaxed and took it easy. Unpacked my panniers and repacked the touring items and empty panniers into the “Delsey”, ready for the flight to Cape Town. Checked batteries and packed the electronic items, got somewhat of a surprise as to how much electronic items I am taking with.



Been checking the long term weather reports for the route and it does not look as if any rain has been predicted, yet. Well, now it is hurry up and wait, all arrangements have been made, accomodation sorted, just need to get to Cape Town and get going.


Abnormal person or Load?

Route changes and update: There has been a change to day 1 as the safety aspect comes into play. I have been advised that Baden Powell Drive is not safe and the other route options not to good either for cyclists, as Metro Police are being shot on the freeway. I will now start either in the Strand or Gordons Bay, from there onward all good and no problems, City Life. Life is what’s happening while you are planning it.

Till next time………..

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