Packing for the Krooze

What to take with on the estimated 14 day Krooze?

With weight and space limitations, it’s a difficult decision as to what will be packed and what will be staying. Regarding clothing requirements, I have settled on 3 sets of everything, one being worn, one clean and one in the wash. Luxuries in terms of electronics also poses a problem as to what to take and what not, secondly how to keep everything operating and charged whilst on the road. One item I cannot, and will not travel without, is my Music Angel. This little magic box allows me about 6 to 7 hours of non stop music, depending on the volume level. I have about 24 hours of music loaded, ranging from Pink Floyd to the 3 Tenors, playing random and I do not have to use ear phones. I opted to take 3 long sleeve and 3 short sleeve quick dry, moisture wicking t-shirts. I intend wearing the long sleeve shirts during the ride for protection against sun burn. Cycling shorts, baggies, hat, buff, caps and 3 jackets for all seasons complete the wardrobe. Items have been packed into waterproof compression bags in the panniers. I will check the long term weather forecast for my travels and ajust the clothing requirements that I might need.

Front Panniers – clothing, stove, gas cylinder, pots, cup and spork

Rear Panniers – shoes, toiletries, cycling light, battery with charger, spare batteries for rear red lights, multi tool kit and emergency equipment

Handlebar Bag – electronic equipment, pepper spray, eats, puncture repair kit, saddle cover, selfie stick, Leatherman and maps. On the right is the top trunk bag with sleeping bag, sleeping bag inner, mosquito net, beenie, zip off long pants and long sleeve shirt and heavier cold season jacket.


Voltaic Solar Panel

For photographs and video I will be using my phone, a Sony camera and a Sony action sports video camera.  A Samsung Tablet will be the method of communicating the Krooze to the world. Enabling me to keep the electronics going, I will be using the Voltiac Solar Panel and 3 battery packs, for when I am unable to hook up to electricity. For hydration, I have 2 x750ml water bottles on the bike and 2 x 2 litre capacity Camelback bladders as well as a flask for hot water, packed into my backpack.

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