The Kruzer has shipped

Monday 22/02. 16 Days and counting, took the Kruzer in for final checkup and fitment. Replaced the whole drivetrain and checked all else, came out of the shop with a new bottom bracket, cassette, jockey wheels and chain. Regarding the bottom bracket, there was nothing wrong with the current one, except it was last years model and my spares did not fit.

01 Just Cycles

Just Cycles my (LBS) Local Bike Shop.

Tuesday 23/02. Took the Kruzer for a fully loaded test ride and all is well. One item left on the completion of the Kruzer and that is to replace the rear tyre.

Wednesday 24/02, final test ride with all new equipment and tyre. Felt like I was riding a new bike, all systems go, disassemble, pack and ship. Trying to fit it all into my bike travel bag was not one of the easiest things I have done, but in the end it all fitted, including the tent, tent poles, mattress, water bottles, helmet, locking cables and frame bags. It’s going to take me some time to put it all together again.

Wednesday afternoon 16h00, Kruzer shipment process commences. Thank you Wikus.


16h31, Kruzer being loaded onto the aircraft.


16h32, Kruzer safely stowed


20h00, Kruzer delivered, ready for unpacking and assembly






Now, with excitement and some uncertainty, it is hurry up and wait. I arrive in Cape Town 03/03 for the Krooze, first to participate Sunday 06/03 in the annual 109km Argus Cycle race, with the fully loaded Kruzer and then start the Krooze 08/03 at first light from Vishoek to Kleinmond. In the interim, I will unpack and repack the panniers and trunk bag, again, trying to leave more items behind and carry less weight for the Krooze.

That’s it for now, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock……………

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