Bread and Coffee

Long training ride in preparation of heat and wind-Distance 66.4km, moving time 03h03m

I started later than normal for a long ride, but I wanted to do heat, hill and wind training and managed to combine it all. Cycled west on the R554 (Swartkoppies), turned left on the R82 towards Vereeniging and up the Lido hill towards Walkerville and the Saturday morning market. Arriving at the market I felt like Cinnamon Pancakes, but could not find any, in the process I stopped at the bread stall and purchased a lipsmacking Sour Dough bread. When riding a packed bike, people want to know where you are coming from and going, the keeper at the bread stall could not believe what my intentions are and gave me another bread to help me on my way. Hearing this, his neighbour, from Kenya, bought me a coffee for the road, although I protested to both of them, they insisted and did it to wish me well on my journey.


Man on the left bought coffee, Baker on the right

Headed further south and turned East onto the R557 towards Heidelberg and after the rains the veld and cattle are in a great condition.

The drought has been bad and in several places the veld was so dry that it was burnt in mid January.


Stolen Dreams and burnt veld behind


Stop for drinks and snacks

After crossing the R59, I turned North onto Sprinbok Road into a strong wind and the hard work getting home started for the last 27km. Fortunately the traffic on a Saturday is not to bad on this road, but at least the trucks and cars gave me a wide berth.

Crossing the R59 again, still heading North, I made my way home through the green and fragrant summerfields with knee high grass and veld flowers in full bloom. Another solid training ride in the bank for the journey and “Krooze”20160206_123911

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