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Saturday 3 October 2015 – 5:55 AM

Very windy, good training ride. Endemondo and Strava distance = 113.4km, Garmin = 109.74km

Departed from home at 05h55, prepared for a long ride, expecting heat and wind, Kruzer loaded as if I was starting the tour. At that time of the morning it is such a pleasure to pedal through the veld, early spring and the veld awakening to the early morning rays of the rising sun. This kind of cycling is a new experience to me and I have to make a conscious mental note and effort, to stop and take photos, it is not a race, but a journey and the sights and smells are to be savoured and appreciated. At about 28km into the ride I once again appreciated the hard work farmers do as I looked across the farmland to the South.


Farmlands looking South

At 36km I entered the Suikerbos/Karreekloof reserve and 3km further stopped to have breakfast, consisting of left over Pizza and coffee. Being early spring, the veld was starting to show new growth with green stubble. It was a good peaceful feeling being able to appreciate the surrounding area.20151003_08034320151003_081338Back on the road the going was still good with a slight breeze from behind and the downhill run into Heidelberg, as always a good one, not having to pedal and able to sit back, relax and have a look around and see all the old houses along the way.MAH00146(4)

I detoured to the Old Stone Church where my Grand Parents got married a long time ago.20151003_085647

Heading Southwest out of town towards Vereeniging is a long continuous climb, the wind now on the nose and after 50km it is energy tapping work. Sun baking down, wind holding me back, I noticed a sign for a roadside stop and I immediately pulled off and enjoyed a much needed respite from Sun and wind.20151003_102956MAH00147(1)MAH00147(2)

I bought 2 liters ice cold, homemade Ginger beer with a warning from the lady, to drink it slow so as not to get stomach pains. Every few kilometers I had a reason to stop and drink Ginger beer, as the bottle had to be opened to let the build-up of gas from the raisins escape. At my last stop I looked back to them far hills where I’ve been, thinking about the day and the ride and finished 109km later, moving time 05 hours and 54 min. later. Equipment intact and Kruzer still running smooth and easy.20151003_122217

All in all a good day I would say. Life is good.


Finished the ride, total time for the day and ride, 7h20m.

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